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Learn More About The Ag Start Program

AG Start which is being supported by MSD, Te Rui O Waikato Te Pukenga (WinTech) is a great initiative.

Ag Drive is carrying out the program to help people carve out a career in agriculture.

The 8-week course looks to help a selected group of people find a career within the primary industries and make a valuable contribution to their workplace.

As part of the course curriculum, candidates undertake a 4-week training program with primary industry-recognized standards at Ag Drive. The student will learn about farming, practical machine training (tractor, quad, digger, chainsaw, 2-wheel motorbike, and LUV), Animal Husbandry, fencing, water reticulation, planting, and spraying. There is a strong focus on Health and Safety throughout the course.

The second part of the course is a 4-week work placement within the primary industries with an employer such as yourself. To help give these candidates valuable work experience they can use to kickstart a career in the primary industries.

Would you be interested in having a work placement student for 4 weeks within your business?

These candidates do not require payment, they are on placement to get experience and an in-depth understanding of the industry. They are motivated to learn and be part of a team where they can apply themselves.

They are all NZ citizens and will have transport.

We have had some great success stories and feedback from our employers who have taken a student, and due to the success of the program, we are looking to reach out to more employers who would be interested in helping people in the community get work experience.

We would love to have a chat further with you and we currently have students looking at securing work placement from the start of March and beginning placement at the start of April.