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Light Utility Vehicle Operation

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Industry Training Micro-Credential: Operate a Light utility vehicle in the Primary Industry.
Level: 2&3
Credits: 17
Duration: 2 Days Theory and Practical Training (8am-5pm) 1 Day assessment within 3 months of the course date.

Course Overview in brief:  
Across New Zealand, Motorbikes and Light utility Vehicles are an essential piece of equipment for so many businesses and operating it safely and efficiently is vital.

AG Drive’s indoor motorbike training centre located in Cambridge Waikato was developed to offer practical based operator training in all weather conditions all year round. Our indoor course is as practical as possible to normal everyday use, with sloping ground, different operating textures including rock, sand, and slippery clay. Our qualified instructors are on hand to coach you through the safe and correct operation of a Motorbike/LUV.

Course Outcome:

  • Describe the safe operation of a LUV.
  • Describe LUV riding contingency procedures.
  • Hazards and control measures.
  • Reporting and/or recording accidents or near misses.
  • Safety requirements.
  • Controls and displays.
  • LUV dynamics.
  • Riding techniques.
  • Pre-ride checks.
  • Ride LUV on flat terrain.
  • Operate a LUV on flat terrain.
  • Operate LUV with mounted load.
  • Operate LUV on rolling terrain 

Unit standards covered:

24556-Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a light utility
24553- Operate a LUV on flat terrain in the workplace under close supervision
24558-Operate a LUV on rolling terrain under limited supervision
24560-Operate a LUV with trailed equipment under limited supervision
24562-Operate a LUV with mounted equipment or a load under limited supervision

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