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 “I enjoyed the hands-on experience and learnt so much. The instructors knowledge was awesome. I loved that we got so much time in the seat driving rather than sitting in a classroom. Definitely enjoyed my time at Ag Drive! Highly recommend”- Tracey Carter

 “I would just firstly thank the team at Ag Drive so much for the opportunity to learn how to navigate tractors! It was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time and honestly feel privileged to of been a part of it”- Kimberley Ewing

 “I really enjoyed the Ag drive tractor course, the tutors were very supportive, and I leant a lot!”- Holly Lourie

 “It was a cool course, and I wouldn’t think twice if I had to do it again”- Darren Conway

 “the course was well informative and gave us lots of valuable experience”- Ronan Beehre

“In two weeks I learnt new skills, gained confidence on fabulous modern tractors and achieved real qualifications to begin my new adventure. Thank you to the great team at Ag Drive”-Kelly Collier

“The training I received was beneficial in gaining and retaining the knowledge to confidently use the tractor. The safety and the pre-start up procedures shown were very good. The operational procedures demonstrated were shown with a strong emphasis regarding safety and industry standard” - Khalid Omar

"I just want to say a big thanks to the team at Ag Drive for a unbelievable experience, I didn’t know much about tractors coming into the course but the Ag Drive team was there and ready to help people like me succeed in this course"-Harrison Nicholas

“I found the course to be interesting and informative, the course materials were comprehensive, and the instructors were friendly and supportive. I highly recommend. I learnt many skills that help me in my new career at Grain & Food, which equipped me for my first job in the field, following the chopper.”– Andy Gardiner

“The instructors were fantastic and so willing to help us” – Peter Watermeyer 

“If I didn’t do the Ag Drive course and was offered this job, it would’ve been too big of a challenge for me” – Nina Singh

“It’s a really good foundation course, even though we have previous tractor driving experience, we still learnt a lot” – Max Rappe & Liam Bradley

“You’ve run a top-notch course, you’ve got an awesome group of people doing a fantastic job” – Steve Ryan


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