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St Peter's School Complete Tractor Training with Ag Drive

Last week Ag Drive welcomed a group of students from St Peter's School in Cambridge. Completing the Ag Drive 1-day tractor course, the team learned about vehicle operation and safety. 

Ag Drive COO Paula Syben says it was great to have the students on site. 

"We love an opportunity to engage with the next generation of farmers and teach them about vehicle operation & safety," says Paula,

"Well done everyone for your hard work on the course it was great to see you all walk away with some new skills."

What does the 1-day tractor course cover? 

  • Health and safety requirements when operating tractors 

  • NZ road rules and regulations 

  • Hazard identification and control measures 

  • Reporting and/or recording accidents or near misses 

  • Identify legal requirements for tractor use 

  • Perform pre-start check 

  • Identification of standard controls and functions 

  • Attach and detach a 3-point mounted power take off driven implement 

  • Safe practice in using attachments, trailer and the PTO 

  • Understand factors that affect tractor stability and dynamics and how it can change with attached implements and tasks