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Frequently Asked Questions

Ag Drive Frequently Asked Questions

Key information on our courses and qualifications, costs, locations and general questions about Ag Drive.


How much do your courses cost?

Find out more on our courses page about the various options on offer. View Courses and Fees

Are your courses free?

If you are currently unemployed and looking for work, you may be able to access a free ag course through MSD / WINZ, Contact your local work broker at MSD for details. We also have some paid course options for specific courses we run.


Who are your courses for?

Whether you're already working in the agricultural sector and want to upskill or grow confidence, you're an employer looking to train your staff, or you're looking for a career change into primary industry, we've got a course designed to suit you and your experience level. Ag Drive courses give you the skills and confidence to operate machinery well.

How do I know what course to choose?

There are 3 elements to selecting the right course for you - fees, type of vehicle/machinery, and experience level. 
- Select from tractor operation, light utility vehicle operation, quad bike operation, two-wheeler motorbike operation, and chainsaw courses.
- Choose from our theory or practical + theory courses depending on your level of experience, we recommend that only moderate to experienced operators attend the just theory course.

What is a micro-credential?

Micro-credentials are a formal way of recognising your skills and knowledge in a particular area. Micro-credentials can be an excellent upskilling option for people who want to bulk up their resume and acquire specialised skills sought after by employers.

What experience level do I need to complete a course?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced operator, Ag Drive instructors can tailor your learning to your experience level. If you don’t have any experience Ag Drive is a great place to start. Our instructors will steer you through the entire process to operate vehicles / machinery properly and safely. If you're a seasoned operator, we can make sure you know the correct way to operate the machinery and teach you tips and tricks to help you operate your machinery / vehicle following absolute best practice.

I'm an experienced tractor driver so why should I do the course?

Completing the micro-credential; Operate a Tractor in the Primary Industry, gives you and employers evidence of your experience. This assures employers that you are a qualified and safe operator and also looks good on your resume.

Why does it take 8 weeks to complete a 2-day course?

To recieve full funding for our courses you must complete the unit standards outlined in the course details. Two unit standards are completed during the course. The other three - one of which is a log book showing 10 hours of driving- you will need to complete within 8-weeks of attending the Ag Drive course.


Where are you based?

We offer mobile training, where we come to you wherever you are in the North Island.


Why should I choose Ag Drive?

When it comes to operating farm machinery it must be done correctly, efficiently, and as safely as possible. AG Drive can train you and your staff in the correct and proper way. Our award-winning training academy is in the Waikato. Our experienced tutors can cater to all types of learning and our small class sizes allow for a lot of one-on-one training.

What Should I Bring?

We run our courses in all weather including rain so please bring appropriate outdoor clothing for the season. 

Covered shoes must be worn on the bike courses and steel cap boots are required to be worn on the tractor courses.

What are the hours of the course each day?

Our hours are 8:30am - 4pm, Monday to Friday, but we are open to assist and fit around your schedule.

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