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2-Day PITO Tractor Operation Course

Learn the theory of operating a tractor in the primary industry with this 2-day tractor operation course in Waikato. 

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Course Overview:

The tractor is an essential piece of machinery for so many businesses and operating it safely and efficiently is vital. Primary ITO's Micro-credential confirms operators' skill levels and awareness of legal requirements through completion of the unit standards. 

If you are a confident operator, in the cab mulitple times a week, then attending our two-day tractor operator micro credential course will provide you with the knowledge required to achieve the outcomes required for theory-based united standards in our classroom environment 

Course Outcomes:

  • Health and safety requirements when operating tractors 
  • NZ road rules and regulations 
  • Hazard identification and control measures 
  • Reporting and/or recording accidents or near misses 
  • Identify legal requirements for tractor use 
  • Perform pre-start check 
  • Identification of standard controls and functions 
  • Attach and detach a 3-point mounted power take off driven implement 
  • Safe practice in using attachments, trailer and the PTO 
  • Understand factors that affect tractor stability and dynamics and how it can change with attached implements and tasks

Course Details

Industry Training Micro-Credential: Operate a Tractor in the Primary Industry

Fees: POA

Suitable for: Moderatly experienced operators

Level: 2&3

Mode:  Classroom Based Theory  

Credits: 16

Duration: 2 Days on site learning, 8:30am-4pm 

Requirements: 10 hour log book must be completed before attending the course

Equipment required: Sensible clothing for all-weather training, steel capped boots

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Due to eligibility requirements online registration is not available for Primary ITO courses. Please contact us for available dates.

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Unit standards covered:

19044 - Demonstrate knowledge of the legal requirements and hazards associated with tractor use

31914 - Attach and detach a power take off driven 3-point linkage mounted implement to a basic tractor under limited supervision

31913 - Operate a basic tractor on flat terrain under close supervision

24538 - Demonstrate knowledge of tractor stability and the dynamics of tractors and attached implements

24539 - Maintain and use a power take off driven implement attached to a tractor under limited supervision  

"It’s a really good foundation course, even though we have previous tractor driving experience, we still learnt a lot.”

Max and Liam